Ensuring food safety in specialty foods production

El diseño interior y aporte como elemento expresivo en centros de estimulación temprana

The clinical effectiveness of different parenting programmes for children with conduct problems: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Descripción y evaluación preliminar de un prgrama de habilidades sociales y de solución de problemas con padres y entrenadores en el deporte infantil y juvenil

Evolución de los conceptos sobre inteligencia. Planteamientos actuales de la inteligencia emocional para la orientación educativa


Home schooling in the United States

La educación en la China, Corea del Sur y Japón: Parte indivisible del modelo exclusivo asiático de hoy

Planet/Cuba. On Jorge Enrique Lage s Carbono 14: Una novela de culto and VulturefFect

Making Success In Education: What Black parents believe about participation in their children s education

Difusión de juegos tradicionales practicados en cuenca, a través de un e-book ilustrado para fomentar la identidad, el conocimiento y desarrollo de los mismos

La cultura política de la vanguardia o la construcción del ethos revolucionario: Cuba 1952-1959

Secretos y descubrimiento en el pensamiento franciscano ibérico del siglo XIII

The renewable energy handbook: a guide to rural energy independence, off-grid and sustainable living

The renewable energy handbook: a guide to rural energy independence, off-grid and sustainable living

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The Assessment of Registrars Non-technical Skills in the Emergency Department

Introduction to wind energy systems

Comparison of tropical cyclone datasets and a data-correction scheme for data from TC yearly book

The College of Physicians in the nineteenth century

The story of my encounters with the historical giants of Miami County, Indiana: a creative project (HONRS 499

From card catalogue to web OPACs

Muslim Entrepreneurs between India the Gulf

1900-1940: a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in History at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand

Greene and Greene in black and white

Biographical register of the New South Wales parliament 1901-1970

Making a House a Home: Motivations for Earthquake Strengthening Domestic Homes in Dunedin, an Argument Towards Domestic Heritage

Social aid in Otago and Canterbury up to 1885, with special reference to Oamaru and Ashburton

Creating artists books

A Kind of Traffic Light Controller Simulation Design

Gas reservoir engineering

Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems: Practical Design

Knowledge-based systems in engineering

Physical activity and public health in older adults: recommendation from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association

Non‐formal learning and tacit knowledge in professional work

Transfer of accountability: transforming shift handover to enhance patient safety

Leadership competencies: knowledge, skills, and aptitudes nurses need to lead organizations effectively

Domaine Drouhin: Burgundy s Footprint in Oregon

Assessment of tempranillo grapes quality in the vineyard by vitur score-sheet

Books connect 2

Epigenetic variants of the human skull

Cheongsam Sandal Wedges Ankle Cloth Strap Beige Strappy Shoes Women s For Dress Round Embroidery Chinese Traditional Flower Sole Summer Toe

The development of creative capabilities by the technique of manufacturing the dolls Tilda on manual labor lessons at 5th grade

Stitch Kings: the Influence of J P Coats on Textile Design Education

My favorite game I played with my dad was

Creative Embroidery in New South Wales, 1960-1975

Embroidery to enterprise: The role of women in the book trade of early modern Scotland

Embroidery to enterprise: The role of women in the book trade of early modern Scotland


Review of DS Clarke s Book: Panpsychism and the Religious Attitude

The Fundamental Constants of Physics, Vol. 1 of Interscience Monographs in Physics Astronomy [book review

Syrian Protestants the Case of the Beirut Church: Re-imagining the American Missionary Encounter in Ottoman Syria

The Secret World of God: Aesthetics, Relationships, and the Conversion of Frances from Shi a Islam to Christianity

Book review:Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology—an introduction

Another time, another space: Virtual worlds, myths and imagination

The Higgs hunter s guide

Physics Hertz

Spin in particle physics

On a fractal version of Witten s M-Theory

Reading the media in high school: Media literacy in high school English

From managerial theory and worksheets to practical MARC AMC; Or, dancing with the dinosaur at the Amistad

La atención a usuarias y usuarios en bibliotecas especializadas

Technical summary

Libraries 2000: Transforming libraries using document delivery, needs assessment, and networked resources

Library Linked Data in the Cloud: OCLC s Experiments with New Models of Resource Description

VIVO: A semantic approach to scholarly networking and discovery

Guidelines for social workers regarding the first interview with the sexually abused child

Chat reference service: An analysis of one semester s data

The Identity Crisis and National Security——A Comment on Samuel P. Huntington s Book, Who Are We?[J

Tax policy reforms in Nigeria

Understanding (dis) abilities through children s literature

Nuer Prophets: a history of prophecy from the Upper Nile in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Federalism, homeland security, and national preparedness: A case study in the development of public policy

Lipoma producing a lesion of the deep branch of the radial nerve: Case report

One Family s Florida History

Pedagogical literature for violists: selected studies from Lillian Fuchs s 16 Fantasy Études and corresponding orchestral excerpts

Hubble Space Telescope

Lessons learned from Hubble Space Telescope extravehicular activity servicing missions

An inner-biblical interpretation and intertextual reading of Ezekiel s recognition formulae with the book of Exodus

Compliance costs of Goods and Services Tax (GST) among small and medium enterprises

Managerial skills and practices for global leadership

Innovation: a guide to the literature

When does an idea become an innovation? The role of individual and group creativity in videogame design

A critical review of John Adair s The Leadership of Muhammad

Representing changing woman: A review essay on Navajo women

In the eyes of the beholder: Understanding and resolving incompatible ideologies and languages in US environmental and cultural laws in relationship to Navajo

Going to the Water: A Structural Analysis of Cherokee Purification Rituals

American Indian Historical Demography: A Review Essay with Suggestions for Future Research

Adventures in old Brooklyn: Here s to the real ones, in a rapidly changing neighborhood

Literature and Aging-Epic Adventure

It s all fun and games until someone learns something: Assessing the learning outcomes of two educational games

The influence of the patient-clinician relationship on healthcare outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Reviews, Notes, and Listings

Tadalafil-induced transient global amnesia

Neurological examination: pioneering authors and their books

Color Atlas of Physiology. 6th

Fundamentals of neurology: an illustrated guide

Technology-based training: The art and science of design, development, and delivery

Inclusive Design Research Initiatives at the Royal College of Art Book in Universal Design Handbook

Pufendorf s moral and political philosophy

Cómo aprovechar el aprendizaje colaborativo en el aula

A conceptual basis for educational applications of virtual reality

Maturation de [email protected] sup: principes et instruments

Essential books in the field of instructional design and technology

Longer Living through Technology: In Favor of Life-Prolonging Biomedical Technology for Old People

Random Thoughts on James Cameron s Avatar

Image and Identity: The Art of William E. Scott, John W. Hardrick, and Hale A. Woodruff

Romancing the Difference: Kenneth Burke, Bob Jones University, and the Rhetoric of Religious Fundamentalism

Nowhere: Blank Verse Concerning Small-Town Life in California

Pete Maravich

Systemic Destabilization in Recent American History: 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension 近年アメリカ史

How the Removal of Cherokee Children from Tsalagi Speaking Homes Led to a Decline in the Tsalagi Language

Native American women and coerced sterilization: On the trail of tears in the 1970s

Outside the Circle: The Juxtaposition of Powwow Imagery and Cherokee Historical Representation

In search of the rain forest

Managing Emotions: White-Water Rafting Guides And The Emotional Labor Theory

Encyclopedia William Bartram

Frederick Schwatka (1849-1892

Myths of the North in the Canadian Ethos

Rivers of Hope

Women as Deceivers in the Hebrew Bible

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Hermeneutics

Computer-aided design of RF and microwave circuits and systems

Power electronics

Climatic Atlas of the Arctic Seas 2004: Part I. Database of the Barents, Kara, Laptev, and White Seas-Oceanography and Marine Biology


McGraw-Hill illustrated telecom dictionary

Conducting the reference interview: a how-to-do-it-manual for librarians

The World book Industry

Advanced materials and techniques for radiation dosimetry

A survey and review of the status of wild bees in the West-Palaearctic region

Stylistic Changes in American Women s Hats with Identification Criteria for the Years 1900 to 1950

Lessons from the past, lessons for the future: 20 years of CALL

Pushing Yourself into Existence: Language, Trauma, Framing in Pat Collins s Silence (2012

Transmission and Enlightenment in Chan Buddhism Seen Through the Platform Sūtra (Liuzu tanjing 六祖壇經

The world s wisdom: Sacred texts of the world s religions

Heart Sutra in Calligraphy: A Visual Appreciation of the Perfection of Wisdom

American Buddhism

Teaching Zen s Ten Oxherding Pictures through Leonard Cohen s Ballad of the Absent Mare

The paradox of the mystical text in medieval English literature

Awakenings: Zen Figure Painting in Medieval Japan

On Quanzhen Daoism and the Longmen Lineage: An Institutional History of Monasteries, Lineages, and Ordinations

European retrospective: the European aerospace industry 1970-2000

Running learning groups

Co-determination in Germany-a beginners guide. 5

The disproportionate costs of forming LLCs vs. Corporations: The impact on small firm liability protection

Investment banking: Institutions, politics, and law

Financial ratios, discriminant analysis and the prediction of corporate bankruptcy

Appomattox: Victory, Defeat, and Freedom at the End of the Civil War

Bludgeon Diplomacy: The Godfather Of Secession Defends Himself And His Cause

The Peninsular Campaign

Collecting Ourselves: An Analysis of holdings in North Carolina libraries of selected categories from the North Carolina Bibliography

Let Him Be an Honor to the Country: Veteran Violence and Public Opinion after the Civil War

History and Program of the Mississippi State Department of Archives and History

Moving west: German-speaking immigration to British Columbia, 1945-1961

Is Eco-Fascism a Form of Ecologism

Decoding advertisements: Ideology and meaning in advertising

Book review of Henry Allison, Kant s Transcendental Idealism: An Interpretation and Defense

Ray Tracing News

SeqAn an efficient, generic C++ library for sequence analysis

Tussen Martinikerk en Academia Groningiana. Gereformeerd gebedsonderwijs en wetenschappelijke theologie

Going for the goal of Christian maturity: a biblical and theological understanding of God s goals for his people in the New Testament era, with pastoral applications for

Standing Responsibly Between Silence and Speech: Revelation and Religion in Dietrich Bonhoeffer and René Girard. Louvain Theological and Pastoral

Stories and Self-Reflection

A Poem to the Unknown God: Samson Agonistes and Negative Theology

Dictionary of philosophy and psychology

Poetry, Prophecy, and Theological Revelation

Biblical hermeneutics

Feed my lambs: the spiritual direction ministry of Calvinistic British Baptist Anne Dutton during the early years of the evangelical revival

Between two worlds: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, his journey from Italy to America, and his oratorio The book of Ruth

Inductive Biblical Study: History, Character, and Prospects in a Global Environment

Gay and lesbian students in Catholic high schools: A qualitative study of alumni narratives


Finding wisdom in practice: the genesis of the salty chip, a Canadian multiliteracies collaborative

The dynamic development of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): the case of Indonesian trade and investment

Natural knowledge in the New Atlantis

A Description of Theme in Stephen King s Novel Carrie

The joy of running

Evolution of the American Sports Journalism

Assunta Assia Zizza, Perspectives on child abuse in Stephen King s Gerald s Game

Earlier studies of blood groups in the rat

Samuel Richardson s presence and absence in Spain

Transfiguring: Colonial body into postcolonial narrative

Ealing Studios Australian Adventure

Biology, the science of life

Studying literature: New approaches to poetry and fiction

The department of communications under the free trade regime

Children s literature and Canadian national identity: A revisionist perspective


Uprising at Oka: A place of non-identification

Forensic pathology of Canadian bread wheat: the case of tan spot

Worldwide asbestos supply and consumption trends from 1900 through 2003

English language teaching in Spain: Do textbooks comply with the official methodological regulations? A sample analysis

First, do no harm: five years of book-industry data sharing with BookNet Canada SalesData


The psychopathology of everyday slips: Accidents happen when habit goes haywire

Graphic wounds: the comics journalism of Joe Sacco

Applied satellite navigation using GPS, GALILEO, and augmentation systems

Skimmers, dippers, and divers: Campfire s Steve Coulson on transmedia marketing and audience participation

Applied satellite navigation using GPS, GALILEO, and augmentation systems

Learning Theme-based Vocabulary with the Magic School Bus

Corporations and citizenship: Business, responsibility and society

Galileo Galilei

The Cambridge history of christianity: Reform and expansion 1500-1660

A Community of Holy People in a Sacred World: Rethinking the Communion of Saints

Balthasar, his Christology, and the Mystery of Easter| Aidan Nichols OP| Introduction to Hans Urs von Balthasar s Mysterium Paschale

The distant triumph song: music and the book of Revelation

Hagiography and History: the Legend of Saint Ursula

Resistant History: Revising the Captivy Narrative in Captivity and Blackrobe: Isaac Jogues

Burma after the Cyclone: Making a Disaster Out Of the Cyclone

Forum of European Geological Surveys Geochemistry Task Group 1994-1996 Report

Colonial amnesia: Rethinking Filipino American settler empowerment in the US colony of Hawai i

Animal Encounters in Environmental Education Research: Responding to the Question of the Animal

Alternative tropical energy feed resources in rabbit diets: growth performance, diet s digestibility and blood composition

Albion s Fatal Flaws, Past and Present

Methoden der Politikwissenschaft

The Rhetoric of Seduction, the Aesthetics of Waste, and Eco-Pornography in Edward Burtynsky s Shipbreaking

Encyclopedia of modern China

Britain s Future in Europe: The known Plan A to remain or the unknown Plan B to leave. CEPS Paperback 2nd Ed., March 2016

Aesthetics and subjectivity: from Kant to Nietzsche

Principles and practice of temporomandibular joint arthroscopy

Sleeping Beauty Awake: Sylvia Plath through the Looking-Glass

A tackle box guide to: common saltwater fishes of southwest Florida


Learning junior secondary science through multi-modal representations

Law as an autopoietic system

Czech Feuilleton (Comforting and Healing Power of the Art of Literature

Political Economy of Right to Education in Rural China: Unpacking the Black Box of State

Encyclopedia of bioethics

Jurisprudence, Peyote and the Native American Church

George Gershwin

The Normalising Power of Marriage Law: An Irish Genealogy, 1945-2010

Algorithms for the computation of mathematical functions

Where mathematics comes from: How the embodied mind brings mathematics into being

Hydraulic Performance of a Flexible Curtain Used for Selective Withdrawal—A Physical Model and Prototype Comparison

Evaluation of the genetic basis of tricuspid valve dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers

Prevalence of disorders recorded in dogs attending primary-care veterinary practices in England

Comparison of window glass sample strength estimates: full scale versus concentric rings

Virginia Woolf: Between writing and disease

OPTIMAX 2015: multicultural team-based research in radiography, a holistic educational approach

The Co-Innovation Alliance Scan, Tool for Effective Collaboration with External Partners

Beer-trail maps and the growth of experiential tourism

The Strategic Orientations And Determinants Of Wholly Owned Textiles Subsidiaries In The Mauritian Export Processing Zone-A Case Study Of The Textile And

EZGas, a refuelling assistance application for Android

What s Hot in YA Fiction for I Don t Read! High School Students

Beyond the method book: integrating movement, exploration, and improvisation into the elementary piano lesson

Health economics at the crossroads of centuries-from the past to the future

The Fibonacci numbers: Connections within the mathematics and calendrical systems of ancient Mesoamerica

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